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Many times, banquet halls or venues offer chairs as a part of their packages. “Oh, great, what a deal I am getting,” so you think, until you see those chairs they are providing you at no extra cost. It is as though you are in a horror movie with that awful not-so-scary music playing in the background. So you politely ask the manager, “Is it okay if we cover those chairs?”

Chair covers were once a great alternative and inexpensive way to get that look that couples were looking for. Not so long ago, Chiavari chairs were being rented at a fairly high price! No wonder why so many went with the chair covers instead. We’ve done some research and have found that today the price of a Chiavari chair is about as much as renting a regular folding chair and covering them up. Nowadays, event rental companies are charging half of what they used to charge before.

We recently spoke to one of our former brides who was torn between getting Chiavari chairs or a cover for the chairs the venue provided and this is what she said, “You know, there was just something so elegant and clean looking about the Chiavari chair that that’s what ultimately led to my decision.”

So our question to you is, which one would you prefer at your event; the Chiavari chair or a chair with a cover?


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